Sarah Zettel on Co-Working

Co-Working is a growing pheomenon among those of us whose primary tool for the job is a computer.  The idea is that instead of going to work in a cafe or staying home, you go to a dedicated space, pay a fee and get a desk and an internet connection and — bonus — a place to hang your hat and store your lunch box.

I’ve been doing the co-working thing for almost a year now.  Our local space is the Workentile Exchange.  I’ve now finished a total of 3 books there.  I am in fact a convert, and I say so on the radio; WWJ talk radio in fact.




Sarah Zettel on Co-Working — 2 Comments

  1. Just from the picture of the work space, I don’t know how you do it. I’m very ADD, since I was ill, and even a cubicle causes me distraction and a wish for ear plugs. Are you working at what looks like a cafeteria-type table with several other people along the same table? I am impressed and pleased for you that it works! I still don’t know how people work in cafes — or in libraries in the major traffic areas. I used to hide in the stacks.

    Now, painting I could do anywhere, and I became oblivious to others around me. I can read through a house catching on fire. But writing? Hummm…..

  2. I love working in a cafe specifically because I like the feeling of other people’s noise around me, but don’t want my own noise/responsibilities drawing me away from the work I’m supposed to be doing. For the price of a cup of coffee or a bagel, I can sit for 3-4 hours and work (about the useful length of my attention span and battery). It’s a great thing, if you don’t require silence.