Ralphie From A Christmas Story Grew Up

You never know what you’ll find out while reading the endless online news items.

Ralphie_bunny_suit “Ralphie” from A Christmas Story (1983) grew up to be a really handsome guy who is also friends with Vince Vaughn.

Who would have thought that the child who was hellbent on shooting his eye out would turn out this way?

Also speaking of the wonders of the internet, the Christmas Story house in Cleveland has been fully-restored, complete with Leg Lamp and a museum across the street.  You can also buy costumes and other crazy film memorabilia at “redriderleglamps.”  The house was originally auctioned on eBay!  It was bought and lovingly restored to its current glory.

It should go without saying that if you want a leg lamp of your own, these are available in virtually every size, shape and price.  Don’t be fooled by the one in the black stocking – that’s all wrong.  It was fishnet.

Hold on to see what the real Peter Billingsley, the actor who experienced all those wonderful Ralphie moments, looks like today . . .


I think I can still recognize Ralphie, but who would have thought he’d turn out so handsome?  It must have been the Chinese dinners . . .

Peter is now a successful film and TV producer and directed his friend Vince Vaughn in Couples Retreat which was released earlier this year.

ImDB says he met Vince Vaughn while both were in an “Afterschool Special.”

Au contraire!  It would seem from the magic movie database that Peter and Vince were both teens in a CBS Schoolbreak special in 1990 called “The Fourth Man.”  This TV movie also had Adrienne Barbeau (‘memba her?).

I wondered what Vince Vaughn looked like as a teen.  This is as close as I got:



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