Happy Halloween! A Very Short Review

October is always a fun month for comics.  Halloween is a natural holiday for the genre — who among us did not dress up as Batman or Supergirl as a child? 

Comic book makers know this very well, and celebrate with Halloween-themed titles.  A charming one available this month in eformat is Beasts of Burden from Dark Horse Press.  A pack of neighborhood dogs, and one slumming orange tabby, combat various Halloween mysteries and spookinesses — it’s something like Gasoline Alley with canines, or a suburban Watership Down.  Three complete stories are available at the link, so enjoy!

Batman himself has always been popular at the end of October, to the point where an entire convoluted  miniseries, The Long Halloween, has been created for him.  A more current effort, just out, is the latest issue of Superman/Batman.  Neither Superman nor Batman are around at the moment (it’s too long to explain here) so this year Supergirl and Robin are pinch-hitting for them.  Unlike Long Halloween this is a light-hearted one-shot that gives a glimpse into the current state of play among the characters — Dick Grayson is currently carrying on the Batman legacy,with comically asocial Damien Wayne as Robin.  This is not your grandfather’s Dynamic Duo, but it’s all great fun — just the thing to read between trick-or-treaters.
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  1. The artist apparently used her own dogs and cats for models, which is why their expressions and body language are so great.