A scintillating, quintessential elixir

100 Most Beautiful Words
A scintillating, quintessential elixir

This felicitous list can be a bit esoteric, but in the end it’s an exuberant and mellifluous efflorescence of language. See if you agree with the words that were judged most beautiful by “Dr. Goodword” at alphaDictionary.com.

Happy peregrinations…

The 100 Most Beautiful Words

(And this is just a sample of lots of other fun stuff at alphaDictionary.com.)

Thomas Christensen’s Glossary of Book Publishing Terms
Be careful when you read this funny publisher’s glossary, or you could hurt yourself laughing.

Publishing Gloasary

Another Glossary of Book Publishing Terms

This one’s a bit more serious, on another useful blog.

Serious Glossary

Diamonds in the Sky

A NASA sponsored anthology of short stories with lessons about space. See my story, “The Moon is a Harsh Pig.’

Free Short Stories

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  1. Interesting, how many of those words are Latinate and/or French. I had never thought about beautiful words until my sixth grade teacher talked about them. She was one scary woman–wore purple every day, and her wedding ring was shaped like a silver snake–but thinking back, she was remarkable, if a strict disciplinarian, using sarcasm as a weapon. Anyway, the two words she thought most beautiful were sussurus and murmur.

    I think my favorite is probably dichten, which is German–it means to write poetry, and its connotation with dictation or speaking gives me an image of ancient skalds.