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The latest Mind Meld at SF Signal has writers, reviewers, and readers providing the table of contents for their perfect anthology of SF/F/H short fiction. The contributors got so carried away that the list is published as Part I and Part II.

My list is posted in Part II. I explain there that I based my choices on stories that have remained with me years — in some cases many, many years — after I first read them. But reading the other lists reminded me of stories I could easily have included, not to mention classics that everyone should read.

Breaking WavesMy story “Emergency” is part of Breaking Waves, an anthology benefitting the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund. I also have two essays in the lastest Book View Cafe anthology, Brewing Fine Fiction.

My 51 flash fictions and a few other stories are available on Nancy Jane’s Bookshelf, and anthologies containing some of my stories are available through Powell’s. The free, chapter-by-chapter version of Changeling starts here. And check out my stories in the Book View Cafe anthologies The Shadow Conspiracy, Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls, and Dragon Lords and Warrior Women.

You can also read my latest story — “Or We Will All Hang Separately” — on Futurismic.



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  1. I loved “Boobs” also — it had several interesting levels to it, as well as simply being funny, which when done well is never wrong. I think there were less than half a dozen stories in those lists that were repeats, although writers repeated multiple times. Nice work!

    Another story that used sex effectively was “A Mere Formality” by Ilona Andrews. http://www.ilona-andrews.com/2009/08/13/a-mere-formality/ This story does have a DON”T KEEP READING IF UNDER 18 you have been warned tag. Because it uses words the FCC says should not go out on the airwaves. Both humorous and good SF — but Stan didn’t buy it, alas!