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After today, I’m taking a break from the BVC blog for a couple of months. My We, Robot serialization has its final episode today. Sometime soon I’ll be taking it down and all you’ll have left is the ebook version or the hard copy version, so if you want a free sample, get it now.

My last W&W post is dedicated to Book View Café. It’s weird because it’s totally author driven. We’ve put aside our petty jealousies and thrown our lot in together and I think we’ve come up with a wonderful concept: give away some free stuff, sell some e-stuff, and never let the fun stop.

We have a serious side, though, too. Tomorrow we’re launching a fund-raiser: Breaking Waves. This wonderful anthology was conceived and chiefly edited by guest Tiffany Trent with BVC’er Phyllis Irene Radford riding shotgun. They’ve put together an amazing collection of short stories centering on the idea of rescue, relief, nurture, and caring. All proceeds will be going to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Relief Fund. We have poetry from Le Guin and stories from great authors such as David D. Levine, Sarah Monette, and Lyda Morehouse as well as the BVC membership. There’s also an amazing contribution from the estate of Rachel Carson, the late and possibly greatest environmental writer from last century. The estate is allowing us to reprint a chapter from Carson’s The Sea Around Us, which deals not only with the ocean but how the oceans impact and control the weather. The book was published in 1950 and contains Carson’s prescient description of global warming.

You’ll be able to get your copy of this amazing anthology tomorrow right here at BVC.

See you in a few,

Sue Lange
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