World Trade Center: A Very Short Review

In October 2001, at the urging on TV of then-mayor Rudy Guiliani, I visited New York City. This past September I went back again. And, wow! What a change!
The major developments are in lower Manhattan around the World Trade Center site.  (Don’t miss the slideshow at this link, by the way — as you might expect, the New York Times is all over this story.)  When I was there in 2001 they were still working on extinguishing combustion.  The city was still stunned and grieving.

Today it’s twelve stories high and shooting for the sky.  Night and day the trucks and cranes are at work.  They haven’t forgotten in New York, but the city is alive and buzzing, coming back green and strong.  A bunch of psychopaths could not kill it. Next year is going to be the big year, the tenth anniversary, but I’m glad I went back this year.

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