Live, from New York!

Tomorrow morning (Saturday Sept. 3) at 5 a.m. I am going to be on the radio, live, in New York City. The show is Hour of the Wolf, hosted by Jim Freund. The show is broadcast live to the NY tri-state area at 50,000 watts over WBAI-Pacifica Radio at 99.5 FM, and streamed to the universe at If they take phone calls, the number for folks to call in is (212) 209-2900. So listen in, and phone me!

The show can be streamed on demand for two weeks after broadcast at [ ]

And in other cutenesses of the day, here is the first cartoon I have ever seen about Scott’s Antarctic expedition, from today’s Washington Post. Arguably, one of the guys in parkas must be Oates.  This is not a subject that is widely covered in the graphic arts media, although some day I must review Whiteout, which is subtitled “adventures in Antarctica.”  They’re modern-day, however, not so much fun.

A short story has just been added to my Bookshelf:

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