Good Luck to The Shadow Conspiracy!

BVC author Sarah Zettel’s original novella, “The Persistence of Souls,” has been nominated for this year’s Sidewise Award for best alternate history.  The winners will be announced this afternoon at ReConStruction, the North American Science Fiction Convention being held this year in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Zettel is a long-time science fiction, fantasy and romance author and one of the founding members of Book View Cafe.  Earlier this year, writing as C.L. Anderson, she was the winner of the Philip K. Dick Award for her novel BITTER ANGELS.

“The Persistence of Souls,” appears in The Shadow Conspiracy: Tales of the Steam Age Vol. I, a collection of stories set on alternative earth, a place powered by steam and magic. This world of dreamers, experimenters and engineers, soulless humans and ensouled machines was born of most unlikely parents: four poets who gathered one cold summer on the shores of Lake Geneva in 1816.

All-new and never-before-seen, these stories explore the unfolding consequences of that gathering — and how it changed everything we thought we knew about science and ourselves.

Good luck to Sarah Zettel and all the authors of THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY: TALES OF THE STEAM AGE Vol. I!

Read Sarah Zettel’s Award Nominated Story: The Persistence of Souls





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