Weird and Wonderful: Making a Movie

Actor Sean Malak on the set of Jump

I’m exhausted. After blogging about independent movies a couple weeks ago, I decided to go out and make one this past weekend. Just like that.

I’m not sure about the wonderful part. Guess we’ll make a judgment on that once the editing’s done. The weird part, however, I can talk about now.

Just what’s weird about it? Well…

It’s weird to rent an entire abandoned factory for a weekend.

It’s weird to see a bathroom sink overflowing with pigeon excrement.

It’s weird to go into a bar and order an empty bottle of Jack Daniels. And then go back the next night for the same thing. And then three more times until you think you have enough, and then still run out of them.

It’s weird to say the same thing thirty-three times in a row.

It’s weird to pretend you’re somebody complicated and sad pretending to be someone simple and silly.

It’s weird to shoot for 14 hours to get two minutes of footage.

It’s weird to see how fat you look when video footage is fed directly to a wide screen tv.

It’s weird to hear hum on a video that was shot in a deathly quiet room.

It’s weird to lie down on a sidewalk in the middle of a city.

It’s weird to do something requiring the energy of a teenager, two days after you’ve turned 52.

It’s weird to barely make it through two grueling 14-hour, upper ninety-degree days in a stifling building and then get up on the third day to weed the orchard because life goes on and weeds are a part of it.

It’s weird to try new art forms–ones you’re no good at, but feel you must attempt anyway.

It’s weird to watch a short story, your short story, turn into a short film.

It’s weird to become one of the characters you’ve created.

It’s weird to allow changes to your story because what you wrote is logistically impossible.

It’s weird to give up your story to someone else’s interpretation.

It’s weird to find out that others understand your story better than you do.

It’s weird. And wonderful.


Sue Lange’s story, “Jump,” published in Premonitions in 2008, will be turned into a short film by OneFloorAboveHell Productions. “Jump,” is available here at Book View Café as part of the Uncategorized ebook collection.




Weird and Wonderful: Making a Movie — 8 Comments

  1. And what happens now? They have to do something with all the raw footage, right? Is it too soon to go down to the multiplex and buy tickets?

  2. I would not hold my breath waiting for this to be shown at the multiplex. When was the last time you saw a short there? Course you never know. It may be so compelling, so cinematically groundbreaking that they will be unable to ignore it.

  3. Yeah, we’re going to send in to local festivals and see how it goes. If it goes, we’ll go to larger festivals. YouTube is definitely in the plan. To be honest, YouTube sounds so self-published, but it’ll get a lot more exposure there than at a festival even if it’s a good festival.

  4. Sue sounds like it was a wonderful weekend, cant wait to see it!!!! I thought the read of Jump was fantastic, and I know the movie will be even better!!!! You are a verry talented woman and I’m glad to call you my friend