Zettel and Shadow Conspiracy Nominated for Sidewise

Book View Cafe author Sarah Zettel has been nominated for this year’s Sidewise Award for Alternate History for her story “The Persistence of Souls,” published in the exclusive Book View Press collection THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY: Tales of the Steam Age … Continue reading


For a writer, no time is ever wasted

I was coming up with a new story that I was sure no one would allow me to publish, a fantasy, but not about princesses and fairies. It would be set on a suburban riverbank, and the heroines would be the town sluts living in a trailer, and I would write fearlessly about children prematurely sexualized and the sensuous power of mud, oh, nobody would ever look at it. I was enchanted.

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A Padawan’s Journal, Entry #5: Protocol Droids and Velveteen Bunnies

Last time I talked about a certain “trickle down” effect that happens with the release of Star Wars novels. Right after contracts are drawn up and signed, the book goes onto a release schedule that is posted in the back … Continue reading