Yeti Sighting

This picture was taken two nights ago at our smallholding in Normandy. We’d just gone into our field at the back to weigh bees – as you do – when there was an eerie noise to our right and… there it was, eating cherries from our cherry tree.

Was it Bigfoot? A Yeti? Shaun the Sheep? 

Experts have estimated the creature’s height to be at least six feet, maybe eight feet if it wore heels.

And have tentatively identified it as a Kangar-ewe.  

Why were we weighing bees? Well, we now have a beehive. We collected it – along with its sitting tenants – on Saturday night and are only just recovering from a 75-minute drive home with twenty thousand bees buzzing away on the back seat. And one of the first jobs we had to do was weigh the colony – that way we can keep an eye on their health without having to open up the hive. If the colony loses weight during the June Gap (a period when there’s not so much food around for bees) then we’ll have to open up the hive and feed them syrup or honey.

At the moment the hive and colony weighs about 30 kilos. That’s a lot of bees.

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