Weird and Wonderful: Pacific Atolls to Survive Global Warming

We all know the consequences of global warming: extinction of the polar bears, migration of killer bees up north, San Francisco and New York City sinking. One thing that won’t be happening is the drowning of coral islands in the Pacific.

As you know, atolls grow because millions of tiny coral organisms are constantly laying down new limestone habitat for themselves. Apparently the creatures have been able to keep up with the rising sea level. They’ve been adding more material as the lower portions of the atoll are inundated. Well done, fellas!

Since most of us don’t live on an atoll, I suppose we’ll have to adapt in different ways. For instance San Franciscans should think about moving eastward. New Yorkers just the opposite. The squeeze is on for the higher ground. Let’s all just try and get along.

Sue Lange



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