Zettel and Shadow Conspiracy Nominated for Sidewise

Book View Cafe author Sarah Zettel has been nominated for this year’s Sidewise Award for Alternate History for her story “The Persistence of Souls,” published in the exclusive Book View Press collection THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY: Tales of the Steam Age Vol. I .

THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY is a unique, original anthology, created and published exlcusively by the author-members of Book View Cafe.

A collection of stories set on alternative earth, a place powered by steam and magic, THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY takes place in a world of dreamers, experimenters and engineers, soulless humans and ensouled machines was born of most unlikely parents: four poets who gathered one cold summer on the shores of Lake Geneva in 1816.  All-new and never-before-seen, these stories explore the unfolding consequences of that gathering — and how it changed everything we thought we knew about science and ourselves.

Zettel’s story, “The Persistence of Souls,” concerns Ada Lovelace, the only legitimate daughter of the mad, bad, dangerous Lord Byron, and the creator of machine language and her own conspiracy with Charles Babbage, inventor of the difference engine, and so much more.

The Sidewise Awards for Alternate History were conceived in late 1995 to honor the best allohistorical genre publications of the year. The first awards were announced in summer 1996 and honored works from 1995. The award takes its name from Murray Leinster’s 1934 short story “Sidewise In Time”, in which a strange storm causes portions of Earth to swap places with their analogs from other timelines.

To be considered, a work must have either first English-language publication or first American publication in the calendar year prior to the year in which the award is to be presented. In other words, awards announced in 1997 honored works published in 1996 and were called the “1996 Sidewise Awards”. Two awards are usually given each year.

To celebrate, Book View Cafe is offering a look at Sarah’s award-nominated story, free for a limited time.   Welcome to the Grand Conspiracy!

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