Streets of Gotham: A Very Short Review

The “death” of Batman (he’s getting better!) kicked off a number of new Bat titles.  Of them one of the best is surely Streets of Gotham.  You simply cannot go wrong with Paul Dini on scripts and Dustin Nguyen on art.  It’s smart, sexy, and good looking. 

This issue features a relatively new villain, Duffy the Carpenter.  Originally she was part of the Wonderland gang, along with the Mad Hatter and the Walrus, but as she says it’s tiring doing cosplay with psychotics.  The nice thing about the construction trade is that people always need you.  There is a perpetual demand in villain circles for upgrades on death traps, improved hideout armoring, and ongoing maintenance on the piranha and shark tanks.  You don’t actually have to be a criminal — you just have to serve and supply them.

Dini is without peer at this — telling the story from the point of view of the antagonist.  Batman appears as a figure of terror and general spoilsport, messing up good building projects or interfering with interesting scams.  But when Duffy gets into really deep trouble, we are rooting for the Bat to come and pull her out.  Highly recommended, and this is a great jumping-on point if you haven’t been buying this title so far.



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