WisCon Chronicles 4: The Cobbler’s Toss

When I was a kid growing up in the bush, and they were branding calves, my father would often say, as the final sufferer was let up from the ropes or out of the branding cradle and hurtled away, “Well, there’s what the cobbler threw at his wife.”  And it amused us kids mightily to ask, “What did he throw, Dad?” And be told in reply, “The last.”

So with WisCon Chronicles 4, I’m now at the cobbler’s toss. The submissions are all in, all edited, all typeset. The Table of Contents is laid out. The permissions to print are  received, the errors and addenda fixed, the comma wars over (don’t ask Kath about that!) The cover is designed. The photosare cleared for use, those on the cover and those inside. Last week the printer received the entire ms.

So  it’s time for me to repeat, Thanks so much, to all the people who answered my calls for submission, and patiently followed all my requests for revisions. Also thanks to Kath Wilham at Aqueduct for typesetting the lot, picking up syntactical and other errors, putting up with my punctuation and other crotchets, and coming up with the idea of pictures for the cover, along with the sub-title.

WisCon Chronicles 4 is sub-titled WisCon Voices.  It will be available for sale at WisCon 34 at the end of May, at the Aqueduct table in the dealer’s room. If you’re a contributor, one more reminder that you have a gratis copy coming your way. For everyone else, I hope you’ll buy a copy, at WisCon or elsewhere.  Here’s a preview of the cover:


I hope you’ll enjoy what’s inside.



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