Worldcon Glasgow 2005 Part #6

Sorry last week’s post should have been August 7

August 8,

Monday morning, the last day of the con.  I need to make some decisions.  I have the room for another night if I want, or I can pick up my rental car this afternoon and take off.  I think the better part of valor will be to wait until tomorrow to leave.  I can only do so much in a day.

Perhaps I’ll have enough energy to take mass transportation to visit the cathedral this afternoon.  Perhaps not.

Two of my three musketeers have left.  Had breakfast with RP.  He’s the bookseller, very pleased with sales.  He made expenses the first day.  Stock down by over half.  He talked about re-opening his brick and mortar bookstore in London.  But then travelling to cons with a large inventory might be the way for him to go.  No decisions made.

I met up with MJ about half way to the SECC.  I should have brought the remaining page proofs and given them to her.  Too far to go back for them.  I thought she was leaving last night.  So did she.  But she decided to stay over and help some friends pack up their booth in the vendor’s room.

After wandering around a bit, looking in on a panel or to, saying goodbye to staff in the green room, coffee with AHA and her husband, I ran into LD and Lady Annie.  We prowled the vendor’s room.  This time I had enough energy to actually look seriously at stuff and buy.  RP recommended a number of books to help me expand my awareness of British Authors, both YA and older markets.  Once I opened the lock on my wallet, I found I wanted stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff, T-shirts, jewelry, books, books, and more books.  Good thing I brought the wheels for the rucksack today.

Talked to LS again on the phone, said goodbye to all my new friends, and took my leave in mid afternoon.

Spent the rest of the day in the shopping district.  Added minutes to the mobile phone, bought gifts for friends and family etc.  Then back to the hotel for a quiet dinner, packing, and reading some of the books I bought.  I even watched some interesting documentaries on BBC about moving historic buildings to new locations.

Again I’m amazed at the juxtaposition of old and new.  People here take for granted that new is not necessarily better.  Roots are important and need to be preserved.  I could get used to the concept of many generations in one local, ingrained memories from centuries past.

I realized for the first time that my fascination with history, taking my BA in history, continuing my reading of history and exploration of historic things came naturally in reaction to the way my family spread across a continent, we moved every 2 years, and I never knew any of my grandparents.  I want roots.  I need roots.  Continuity and connections.

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