World Con Glasgow 2005 Part 4

August 6

Didn’t sleep well.  Not sure why.  Too tired?  Not tired enough?  Awake at 6, no breakfast until 8 since it’s the weekend and people are expected to sleep in.  Sigh.  Too tired to walk out to eat.  Guess I’ll do page proofs.

Standing in line, waiting for the doors to the breakfast room to open, I asked the man ahead of me if this was the right line since my watch said 8:05.  He looked about my own age, and harmless.

“Oh, yes,” he replied with a wily grin.  “But I’ve been told you’ve been naughty so you don’t get any.”

“How did you know?”  The conversation sprang off from there.  Turns out he’s attending the con as a fan and knows my work.  Shortly we were joined by two of his friends, one a bookseller—who has sold a lot of my books– at the con, the other a science writer who has helped many writers including Lady Annie.  We agreed to share a taxi to the con.  Forget the walk and the page proofs.  These new friends were delightful.

Mixed up communications for a meet up with friends.  Spent lunch with AA and her hubby instead.  On the way back to my hotel and the endless page proofs, I scouted out the proper route to the Hilton in preparation for tonight’s publisher dinner.

WORD FOR THE DAY: Aperture.  Need to use it more often.

Met with S & B before the publisher dinner.  They are going to buy “Harmony” by C.F. Bentley.  No details until they get back to NY and can discuss numbers with my agent.  What a way to start the evening.  We then went on to discuss “Hounding the Moon.”  I do need to add more sex and danger, but don’t tip over to porn.  The build up and the tension are more important than anatomy lessons.

After a rather wild taxi ride we met up with other authors, sales reps, artists, foreign agents, and staff at an old stone house.  The upstairs is now the LUX restaurant.  Very posh.  It’s on the outskirts of the west end of Glasgow.  Couldn’t find it again if you paid me.  I sat next to TH and her partner.  First time I’d met her though I’ve read a lot of her books.  Marvelous getting to know her a bit.

I watched my portions very carefully.  Hors d’oevres were spiced rice in cucumber and bacon wrapped banana slice.  Then the rocket salad (a kind of leafy green, very leggy) with cherry tomato.  I had the braised lamb shank, beautifully cooked and tender.  And I indulged in a pot ó chocolat.  The pot was a thin mold of half a chocolat egg.  Inside a pudding of mixed risotto, and chocolat, a garnish of raising and sultanas in a syrup that was way too sweet—I scraped off most of it.  Afterward my blood sugar was up but not out of line.  Have to be careful tomorrow.

All in all, a nice day.

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