Weird and Wonderful: Now Hiring-$20/hr

Sorry I don’t have a picture, the camera batteries went dead, but take my word for it. That’s exactly what the sign said: Now hiring/$20/hr.

The sign was where the Circuit City marquee used to be. Apparently they’ve moved out and HG personnel is advertising for help for the new tenants. Don’t have a clue on who’s moving in, but I do know they’re paying $20 an hour. It ain’t Walmart.

How weird and wonderful, this announcement for the end of the recession! Feels like we’re on our way.

And think of this: we lost a big box. Now if some poor slob lost his life savings in the death of this Circuit City, I will feel bad. It will be a tragedy. But it’s hard to feel bad when the local strip mall loses an anchor. Does anything personal exist in the impersonal?

Wouldn’t it be great if some local maverick bought the place and opened up a strange venue that sold home made jewelry, homegrown vegetables, hand made clothing, and featured local musicians on the in-store muzak station? How weird and wonderful wouldn’t this bizarre bazaar be?

For now, I’m just glad to see Pennsylvania hiring people again. The place has been on a downhill course since around the time Billy Joel was lamenting the demise of Allentown. Certainly the mines and steel mills have closed, the factories moved to Mexico, and the retail outlets gone bust, but by god the people are still here. And we’re getting paid $20/hr.




Weird and Wonderful: Now Hiring-$20/hr — 2 Comments

  1. This reminds me of the growth of farmers markets, which often include hand made items like soap, dried flower wreaths, jewelry, the like. I love the experience of buying from the person who created or grew it, and I’m not alone. I go back week after week, I get to know the farmers (or in many cases, their grandkids, who’ve been recruited to staff the stall).