World Con Glasgow 2005 part 3

Scotland August 5,

I congratulated myself on how natural the cane was becoming.  Then I left it in the room both at breakfast and as I left the hotel.  I remembered it on the outside steps.  Deep inside myself I knew I had to go back for it, before I went any further.  My back and hips might feel okay at that moment, but after a mile and a half walk and then being on my feet all day, I’d suffer come evening.

Walked to the SECC in about 25 minutes.  Not bad for me.  Lots of traffic though.  I find myself slowing a bit so I can absorb as much as I can from my limited exploration of the city.  I still marvel that very modern, old, and ancient architecture all kind of butt up against each other and the locals take it all for granted.

They live their history and accept it as a part of everyday life.  I miss that in our new culture back home.  To Oregonians, extremely old is 1850.  That’s the beginning of modern times for the British.

photo of Edinburgh Castle forecourt awaiting the beginning of the Tattoo.  Modern military are still stationed here.

Sometimes there is an anchor missing in my life.  Having moved around a lot and not having family members close by makes me feel adrift, having to reinvent myself at every turn because I have not roots.  That can be a good thing.  Sometimes.

I left the cane again when I stopped inside the SECC to take off my sweater.  Didn’t remember it again until I was in the Moat House Green Room, after hugging EF and getting directions to the SFWA Suite.  Which was closed until 2 PM.  Went back for the cane.  Thankfully it was in the lost and found.  The swirled purple paint and my initials on the handle were very helpful.  Thank you DD for tarting it up so nicely.

Back to the Moat House for a panel.  I think we’re doing humor on why writers seem to require cats in order to write.

No word yet from MJ with my page proofs.  I really want to get started on them.  Rumor has it she’ll be at or near “Sign of the Dragon” in the Dealer’s Room after my autographing.

She showed up at my autographing!  Met LD and Lady Annie just before that.  I talked to numerous people during my session and signed a lot of programs but only a few books.

Afterward, since I was in the Dealer’s Room already I bought some amber for YK and a lovely glass pendant for me.  It was made in a millefiori technique with a big rose cane and just a few of the smaller ones.  So often I find con dealers have pretty much the same old same old and I already have enough junk.  But here I’m running into different artists, different styles, and enjoying it all, even though I’m not buying all that much.

Ran into more people I know from here and home.  Lunched with some of them in the Exhibit Hall – prepackaged sandwiches but they have turkey with light mayo on whole wheat.  Then back to the Green Room to take a stab at the page proofs.  Getting tired by then.  Glad I brought the wheels for the rucksack so I don’t have to haul it on my back.

Off to coffee with BC, sidetracked by SG and BW.  We made plans for the next night publisher’s dinner.

I’m not seeing a lot of costumes here.  LS tells me I’m not hanging out with the right crowd.  All the Klingons are in the con hotel and they don’t come out until mid-afternoon.  Back home I see costumes – even rudimentary ones, all day in all the venues.

Also noted that the only morbidly obese people, the ones requiring scooters and crutches to get around, tend to be Americans.  There are overweight locals but not on the order of what I am used to.  When I explain my lack of mobility to back surgery, I get the common comment “You’re too skinny to have back trouble.”  Says something about the predominant US lifestyle.

However, the locals are barely making headway in separating smokers from non smokers.  One side of an open space for smokers, the other side of the same open space for non.  They still advertise tobacco products quite openly on billboards and on TV.

Very tired so I took my time going back to the hotel where I had dinner in.  Good fried shrimp and chips with salad.  Then more page proofs with BBC documentaries on the telly.  The quiet evening helped.  The surgery took more out of me than I expected.  My stamina is very low.

About 1/3 don with the page proofs.

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