Worldcon Glasgow 2005 part 2

Scotland August 4, 2005

Everyone here sounds like Hamish McBeth.  I find my mind falling into the West Highland cadence.  My American accent sounds so flat after all that lushness. 

Bought a wheeled suitcase with detachable rucksack—much easier on my back.  Peeked into the windows of The Griffin, considering a pub lunch.  The hotel staff had told me the food was too greasy and they catered to the roughest of the construction workers.  One look turned me away.  Inside a modern sports bar with big screen TV showing a football match.  That’s soccer to you Yanks.  Every place setting was loaded with fish and chips that dripped oil.  Every elbow lifted a pint of something dark and thick.  The empties showed me these weren’t the first drinks of the mid day.  And nary a female in sight except the barmaid.

I decided to eat elsewhere.

Here’s a bit of the Georgian architecture I passed everyday on my walk to the con.  Walking is good, the best therapy for my back.  My purple cane is not only essential to support my balance, but has become a reminder that I am a trained fencer.  This cane can be a weapon in the rougher blocks I pass further along.

Down to the con by noon.  Hideous lunch of cheese, tomato, and mushroom hot sandwich on a stale roll that the microwave didn’t freshen, but marvelous coffee.  Attended the panel on second generation writers, parent and child combinations.  AM and her son have been delayed.  They were the two I really wanted to talk to.  But I had a nice conversation with JY and her son.  Met up with EK from the e-list.  She lives in Preston Pans and invited me to stay Wednesday night after I go the Ediburgh tattoo on TR’s ticket.  She and her English husband are really sweet.

Went to the dealers room and bought a copy of one of my own books so I have something to read from.  Wandered forever.  Talked to AT she has a herniated disc.  We swapped war stories about surgeries.  Met a gentlemen with a table full of crystals.  He told me a marvelous story about them.  I think I need to turn that into a short story.  The bead lady also makes lace.  We compared notes on bangles for bobbins.

Time for my reading.  TR and her roomie, EK and J from Orycon all showed up.  Then we waited for EK’s husband, he’s an astronomer.  Then we all went to dinner at the Moat House for a so/so buffet.  Better conversation.  We talked so long I had to take a taxi home rather than walk through questionable neighborhoods after dark.  My cane is my best friend.  I was leaning on it very heavily by the time I did get back to my room.

Here’s another view of the opera house.  You can just see the back windows of my hotel on the lower left.

When I planned this adventure I thought I’d have seven to ten friends staying at the same hotel so we could walk together.  They all bailed from the trip, so I’m alone.  I’ll manage, but tonight it feels like returning to an empty house.

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  1. So far it sounds like a lot of lovely people and scenery, and lousy food. I recently thought I could visit the UK, with so many Indian and Asians now living there (someone has to be catering to them!) But I feel ill just thinking about these meals.

    Probably because I need breakfast….