Brave New (Writing) World: Program or Be Programmed

Douglas Rushkoff has some provocative things to say about learning how the underlying system works in this video clip from his talk at South by Southwest: Program or Be Programmed

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Brave New (Writing) World: Program or Be Programmed — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for the link. Rushkoff makes a good point, but it’s not really news. Perhaps because of the power of digital tech things are different now, but I think there are more people doing programming and sharing the knowledge about it than there ever was sharing when it was just monks in monasteries or publishers in New York.

  2. I wonder if the numbers are all that different when you look at it on a percentage of total population basis. And then there are a lot of people like me: I’m far from as tech-savvy as I ought to be (or even want to be), but I do tend to question the underlying system when it doesn’t work as I think it should. (It took three tries and a look at the html to be able to change the title and add a note to this post when using the “Share This” program to import the link, for example.) Of course, some people give up at that point.

    I do think what we’re doing on BVC is a kind of programming — not the tech side (though we’ve got folks doing that, too), but the using of the tools to start something different.

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