Lambing 2010 Begins For Real

After several false starts – and three long nights of trying to sleep while Lamb Cam TV played on our bedside table – lambing has begun.

Here’s the first of the 2010 class putting his best foot forward. He’s less than 24 hours old in this picture and look at the size of those sturdy feet. Now, ten days later, he’s a bounding, bouncing, leaping machine, able to vault small boulders and execute four-footed bounces with extended back kicks.



Here’s the girl, setting herself for a full body shake, note the wide stance and lowered head. She’s the younger of the two, by about twenty minutes.

Here’s a picture of the boy the next day taking a walk when he suddenly notices a handy milk dispenser…

Yesterday we put the ewe and her two lambs back with the flock – we like to keep the new-borns up at the house for the first week so we can keep an eye on them and they can mow our lawn. Plus it’s safer for the lambs. Other ewes can be a tad brutal if a strange lamb tries to suckle them and last year’s lambs can be a bit boisterous. Head butting is a favoured pastime of sheep and little lambs don’t appreciate it.

Luckily the introductions seemed to go off reasonably well. A bit of bullying from a couple of adolescent, not in-lamb, ewes but it passed very quickly and the lambs leaned to treat larger woollies with caution. Especially at feeding time. The two lambs stay well out of the way as the human carrying the hay and sheep nuts to the trough is swarmed, tripped, mugged and trampled.

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Lambing 2010 Begins For Real — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for a peek into the world of sheep. As a knitter and beginning spinner I only see the results of their yearly haircut.

  2. For the first year in the last 9, we are having no lambs this year. While we are most DEFINITELY enjoying the uniterrupted nights, I must say that I miss the lanbs a lot. It simply doesn’t feel like Easter with no bouncing bundles of wool. Thanks for sharing :).

  3. Bouncing bundles of wool are made to be watched. We particularly like the evening lamb gangs that form in late spring – when a dozen or so lambs race from one end of the paddock to the other, leaping, bouncing and playing like a white flock of terrestrial birds. Magic.

  4. Sadly, we can’t even give away wool these days. Shelagh used to spin the fleeces and we occasionally keep a fleece back but we don’t have the time now.

    If we can, and we’ve had a lot of success, we sell our lambs on for breeding. But some, inevitably, go to the big freezer in the sky/barn.

  5. No, unless your animals are of a high-end wool specialty breed, their wool scarcely worth the clipping, sadly.