A Bad Week on the Writing Front 2: She’s Baaaaack

“I’m baaaaack!”

“Oh, it’s you.”

“What?  You’re not happy to see me?”

“Happy to see you!  We’ve got a deadline and you go off God-knows-where for a whole week!”

“But I needed the break.  I had to clear my head.  And look, I brought you prezzies!”

“I don’t need prezzies, I need to finish this book.”

“And you will.  See?  I got you a whole bunch of new ideas!”

“But…but…these have nothing to do with the book I’m writing!”

“Oh, don’t be such a stick in the mud.  Lighten up.  Be spontaneous.  Isn’t that what creativity is all about?  Look at this one.  Isn’t it pretty?  Or this one.  Oh, now that is so you!”

“Get those things away from me!  I have a deadline.  A DEADLINE!  With an editor.  You know editors?  The ones who write the checks that I cash to keep you in chocolate and research books?”

“You don’t love me anymore!”

“I do love you.  Of course I love you, but I have to finish…”

“If you loved me you’d use my ideas!”

“And I will, just not now…”

“I bet Stephanie Meyers uses all her muses ideas!”

“I’m sure she does, but there’s this deadline…”

“I’m leaving!”

“No, no, don’t do that.  Wait.  Look.  Here.  I’m using your idea.  See.  There.  Whole new idea, whole new story.”

“Mmmm…it’s a little rough…”


Sarah Zettel: Under Camelot’s Banner, this week at Book View Cafe





A Bad Week on the Writing Front 2: She’s Baaaaack — 6 Comments

  1. Has my muse been talking to yours? Maybe they’re having a clandestine affair and sneak off together plotting ways to undermine our work…

  2. This sounds worryingly like what goes on in my head all the time. Trying to describe it to friends who aren’t writers, though, is the worst bit. I seem to come off looking more like a fruitcake than I did in the first place. I’ve given up and decided to let them assume I’m schizophrenic.

  3. Heh, that’s the one advantage of my belligerent, time traveling Scot – he won’t abandon me as long as I keep the single malts well stocked. 🙂

  4. Stephen King said it best–“I make millions of dollars playing with my imaginary friends up in my room.” Then he ruined it by giggling…

    Of course I have voices in my head. I’d be really disappointed if they ever shut up .