Simpleton Here . . . International SF/F

I am an expert on international science fiction because many of its best authors are my Farmville and Facebook friends, like Gio Clairval.  (that’s a joke).  It’s very funny that Gio’s blog mentions the film Avatar, commenting that the film affected many people who were not sophisticated, as well as many who were and are –

There is also an overview of international SF/F in Locus, highly-unusual for them, but interesting and cool all the same, written by Jeff VanderMeer.

This is a painting from the French artist Nicolas Gouny’s 2010 calendar. 

As to myself, I find art, like music, is a language that speaks to all.

Am I going to do more artwork this year?  Perhaps . . .

Also I want to link to the World SF News Blog, as Charles Tan has been more than kind to Book View Cafe and has passed on our news many times.  I would also like to note that Lavie Tidhar’s novel The Bookman has a wonderful commentary from Mr. James P. Blaylock.  I should think that such advice would even move a hardened individual like William Ashbless to purchase this volume.



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