BVC Featured on Seattle Geekly Podcast

Uhhhh . . . huuuhhh . . . If you want to hear what a dope I sound like on the radio, plus with allergic stuffiness, listen to Podcast #52 of Seattle Geekly.

I LOVE Shannon and Matt of Seattle Geekly in general, and also because honestly, they point up how awesome geek culture is.  I’ve made the point before that the geek culture kind of is OUR culture, like THE culture, but these pro podcasters are covering many aspects of geek culture, and showing extra love to books.  They’re both great readers that will let people know whether or not a book or author is “for them.”  And don’t miss Shannon’s movie reviews . . . (snarf! – GI Joe: Rise of Cobra) – she reminds me of what Meredith said about the Wolfman movie – and don’t bother renting GI Joe – “so bad it’s bad”.

Coffee_table_geekly_web  How much of a geek am I?  These are my coffee table books: On Tender Hooks, a monograph of Isabel Samaras‘ artwork and Hell Bound, “New Gothic Art”.

Anyway, the interview covered Book View Cafe in general, the anthologies, and also included the upcoming release of Dragon Lords and Warrior Women, BVC’s fantasy story anthology – 

and the cover for that is . . . 


Like it?  By moi . . . 

This one has “Heart of Jade,” which the guy was right about – great story, lots of twists, crappily-written.  Alan was infecting me with verbal tics . . . what can I say?


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