BVC Now Accepting Donations


If you make a donation to Book View Cafe, your money will pay for a series of important services to keep the site running, and improving.  This year we are planning a complete upgrade of our site and bookstore, but we need money to pay the designers and programmers who will be helping us.  We’re also changing and upgrading our hosting service, and need money to pay for this so we can increase the speed with which you can access the site, and reduce the number of crashes.

In addition to general maintenance, money donated to Book View Cafe will allow us to make more and better original fiction available to you.  We will be able to pay additional editors, artists and ebook formatters so that we can bring out our titles in a wide variety of formats and editions (including print) to give you the choices you expect.


Okay, that up there was just me putting on the public face.  This is what’s really going on…

This is Igor.  Igor lurks in the darkest dungeons of the Book View Cafe, laboring ceaslessly to  craft the finest ebooks for your enjoyment and delight.

Please help us feed Igor.  And Igor’s eager assistants.  And the children of Igor’s eager assistants who will otherwise distract their industrious parents with their piteous cries.





BVC Now Accepting Donations — 2 Comments

  1. Is this for real?
    Payment to someone at, a domain which starts up with a directory listing and hosts “A Loose Confederation of Evil”. Not really encouraging. Stopped this potential donor.

  2. The email belongs to our IT person. She and her husband set up the domain for a social group, and it became handy for her to use elsewhere. We used it here without thinking because we’re used to it. We’ll be changing it momentarily because you’re indeed right; it doesn’t quite project an encouraging image.

    –Steven Harper Piziks