Girl Genius Colorist Hospitalized

Cheyenne Wright, colorist for Girl Genius, one of the finest comics going, web or otherwise, has been hospitalized for observation for an as-of-yet undiagnosed illness.  We here at Book View Cafe sincerely wish Cheyenne a speedy and complete recovery.

In the meantime, the Girl Genius team is organizing a fund raiser to help with medical bills, but donations are also now being taken.

You can find more information at: Girl Genius Online





Girl Genius Colorist Hospitalized — 3 Comments

  1. Will it ignite a white-hot flame war, to point out that if Cheyenne were a citizen of Canada, Britain or France, his friends would never have to pass the hat to pay for medical care? You would never know that the US is a first-world nation; when it comes to health care for all we might as well be Niger or Lesotho.


  2. It would be a shame if telling the truth about health care caused a flame war. In Austin we have a nonprofit group that focuses on raising money to help sick musicians (since like writers and artists they often lack insurance). Given that we market the town as the Live Music Capital of the World, you’d think that we could take better care of the people who make that name possible.

    But our current system drives even those with decent coverage nuts, much less the people with bad plans or nothing at all. Meanwhile, Congress sits on its hands.

    (There. I’ve fanned the flames. We’ll see what we draw.)

  3. Even from a purely selfish point of view, it makes sense. We do not like GIRL GENIUS without color, do we? We want the creators to concentrate on producing a grand comic, and not waste valuable energy and stomach lining on raising money to keep their colorist from dying.