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I’m a new addition at BVC as of tomorrow, 2/22/2010. I must introduce myself– something I’m not very good at.

I always liked the beginning of Joe Haldeman‘s Mindbridge: “I was conceived sometime in the spring of 2024. We’ll skip the next eighteen years or so.”

I think a person’s history is less interesting than what they do.

With that, I–

  1. Play as good a piano as can a person with great ambition and no talent.
  2. Build things of wood, usually for a purpose, such as furniture or insulation systems.
  3. Build things of metal, usually for no purpose, such as Stirling engines and mechanical toys.
  4. Garden and grow fruit– I make terrible wine. By the gallon.
  5. Read, constantly.
  6. Think, always. Curiously often on evolution.
  7. Implement software to control machines. Sometimes rockets.
  8. Pilot small airplanes
  9. Help raise a young man.
  10. Write science fiction and fantasy.

The last concerns the Book View Cafe but the preceding entries inform it.

If I had two regrets they would be: I haven’t traveled enough or learned enough physics.

That pretty much covers the essentials about me.

The stories have to stand on their own so I won’t talk about them much. Sometimes they have interesting stories associated with them– the Tom Kelly house of Tom Kelley’s Ghost does exist. We live in it. But as far as I know he was not involved in an abortive robbery or knew Mayor Curley.

My web site is here. My non-BVC blog is here.

I’ll be blogging here every other Sunday. Some about writing. Some about science. Some about mantis shrimp— as clear an indication as could be that we’ve been invaded by aliens.

Should be fun.


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Hello, World — 5 Comments

  1. Glad to have you aboard. Hmmm, shrimp. My favorite food. That must be why we’ve been able to control the alien invasion. Think I’ll go make a Georgia Shrimp Mull to do my part in defense of the earth.

  2. Do you grow your own grapes? We have 26 syrah vines (and wage a constant battle with the raccoons, who are crafty enough to push the bird netting up against the vines and pull the grapes through the openings–we have had to resort to an electrified fence once veraison has begun.)