Merely Magic

This is my first day here at the café, and I thought I’d drop in to say hi to old friends and wave at those of you I hope to meet.  I’m giving away free chapters of MERELY MAGIC over the next few weeks, so stop by my page if you have time and take a look.  I’ll warn you now that I write romance with a paranormal twist. Not supernatural—paranormal. Personally, I believe our brains are wired to accomplish a great deal more than they do, so really, my heroines may just be above average, but if people want to call ESP paranormal, I’ll not argue. Either way, they’re special, as are the guys who have to deal with them. I’m hoping you’ll find my story a good way to chase off the winter blahs, so fix a cup of your favorite beverage, sit down for a few minutes, and have a look!




Merely Magic — 4 Comments

  1. Welcome! One of my friends wrote me this morning just a few minutes after I linked to the first chapter to say that she was quite intrigued and looks forward to more!

  2. we’ll see if the story can hold everyone’s interest. At the time it was written, paranormal was verboten in romance, so I had to play down the elements I really wanted to play up. Should be interesting to see what readers think!