The New Adventures of Queen Victoria: A Very Short Review

What to do, if you can’t draw but you want to create a comic?  In days of yore you would confine yourself to the writing end of the process, leaving the visual stuff to your art team.  But now, technology to the rescue! The New Adventures of Queen Victoria is a great example of a strip done purely with clip art.    Not having to draw, ink, or color the thing allows creator Pab Sungenis a much greater speed in production.  It also forces the writing to the fore — you can’t count on the art to carry the load.

And of course using images that we all recognize allows for a lot of commentary and humor.  Click back in the archive to Sunday Feb. 7’s Superbowl strip, for instance.  And why should Queen Victoria and her son Price Edward not comment upon Superbowl advertising?  Everybody else does!


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  1. We can blame Esther Friesner, who recommended it to me! My husband has a sweatshirt, which says “Stanford University” in flowing Arabaic script along with the college logo. He is careful to never fly on airplanes while wearing it.