Book View Cafe to Partner with Smashwords

Smashwords LogoBook View Café today announced it is partnering with Smashwords to distribute its growing ebook catalogue.

“Smashwords is taking a truly dynamic approach to ebooks,” said Book View Café Managing Director Sarah Zettel. “From the beginning, BVC has promised readers the books they want, when they want them. Smashwords’ commitment to delivering multi-format ebooks to a wide variety of major retail outlets and mobile smart phone platforms will help us keep that promise.”

Book View Café will make the majority of their current ebooks available through Smashwords’ bookstore, affiliates, and retail distribution partners. This will include titles by award-winning and bestselling authors such as Sarah Zettel, Sylvia Kelso, Steven Harper, Pati Nagle, and Chris Dolley.

Smashwords currently publishes and distributes over 6,500 original ebooks from 3,000 independent authors and 100 small independent publishers. The service launched in May 2008 with a focus on self-published authors, and then in May 2009 expanded its offerings to support publishers, such as Book View as well. Smashwords distribution relationships with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and Kobo (formerly ShortCovers) will ensure BVC titles are available for online reading to a worldwide audience, across both  dedicated ebook reading devices and mobile smart phones.

“We’re pleased to work with Book View Café to help connect their authors with the rapidly expanding audience of ebook readers,” said Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords.  “Book View authors join a growing roster of professionally published Smashwords authors who are leveraging the power of ebooks to publish and distribute their out-of-print, reverted rights and unpublished works as ebooks.”

In addition to its authors’ personal offerings, Book View Café will contribute their newly formed Book View Press titles, ROCKET BOY AND THE GEEK GIRLS, an anthology of rare and classic science fiction stories and THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY, an all-new steampunk collection, to the Smashwords catalog. A fantasy anthology, DRAGON LORDS AND WARRIOR WOMEN, and a book on writing and the publishing industry are being planned for release in early 2010, and will be made available through Smashwords.

Book View Café can be found at Smashwords at




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  1. Congratulations, go you! I hope you get very good conditions ^^. As long as you offer to sell me .epub here I’ll be buying from your site, though.

    Pat Mathews is right, the link at the bottom has three slashes and nothing else at the moment. It works if you copy the text of the link into a new tab or window.

    I also quite liked, but I guess they don’t offer the advantages of the major shops cross-selling.