Canadian Writers Against Google

As part of the follow up to our publicaton of author-member Ursula K. Le Guin’s protest to the Google Book Settlement with the Author’s Guild, Book View Cafe has learned a group of Canadian writers is currently mounting a major campaign against the settlement.

Almost 400 (and counting) Canadian authors have signed a petition opposing the settlement.

The authors have also asked the Canadian Minister of Heritage to reject the settlement as (among other things) a usurpation of Canada’s cultural heritage. The group further plans to send this petition with a Letter of Concern to the US court dealing with the case in February.

In addition, the authors are in discussions to identify a plaintiff who has not opted out and counsel, so that Canadian authors would have a direct voice at the upcoming court hearing.

This protest is garnering significant media coverage, including from the CBC and the Toronto Globe and Mail.

In another interesting development, even while it contemplates pulling out of China, Google has apologized to a group of Chinese authors for improperly copying their work.



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