I Wore Pink for Breast Cancer

After receiving messages in several languages, and at last, one in English/Spanish, I decided to send out the “post your bra color in your Facebook status” meme yesterday.  This bothered a couple of my friends (sorry!) but interested most others, and definitely intrigued my male friends – just as the message had promised!

Only later did I realize, “What do women who have or might get breast cancer get out of this?”  Well, first, like anything that shuts guys out for a bit, the meme made sure to bite back with headlines that didn’t mention breast cancer and the always popular “assign this one to a guy who will be SURE not to link to any breast cancer causes as he makes fun of the women who participated.” Two can play at that game, so you’ll never get your name in my blog or any cause you care about, mister.

All right.  This is how to do breast self-exams (BSE’s), this is a link to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer “Race for the Cure” fund, and here is a delightful link to the Shock Absorber sports bra website, where you can “test” how much your breasts will bounce while running a) nude, b) in a regular bra, and c) wearing the Shock Absorber.  This is organized by cup size, gentlemen.  One lady who commented on the site where I found the link said that her husband watched the simulation for a long . . . long . . . time.

* * * * * * *

Also because I am nothing if not flighty and schizoid, I wanted to mention that Dirty Harry (1971) is as good as it ever was.  It has jokes that I didn’t get when I first saw the movie as a teen.  Hey, there is a way to tie this together.  First, there is the famous scene where Harry climbs on the trashbin to get a look at what was in the tan suitcase carried by a suspicious guy that Harry’s partner spotted.  Eventually Harry and everyone else get an eyeful of Hot Mary’s boyfriend’s two best friends.

Dirty harry Also, this image can serve as a reminder to all women to do their BSE’s regularly at the same time of the month.  Why?  In all the excitement, do you really feel lucky?  Or would you rather be like Harry, and not leave things up to chance.

Here’s Hot Mary herself.  I hope she does her exams regularly!  Or maybe her boyfriend will handle it for her . . .

Hot_mary_dirty_harry See?  All of this really does go together.



I Wore Pink for Breast Cancer — 1 Comment

  1. Amy,

    I think you’re really stretching this connection, but I like anyone who can laugh at testosterone and give it spin at the same time.

    You go girl.


    P.S. I love Clint Eastwood.