Disapprove of the Google settlement?

If you don’t like what Google’s trying to do to authors’ copyrights, here’s a simple way to protest it.

Don’t use Google. At all.

There are other search engines. I like Goodsearch, because they donate to my favorite charity every time I do a search. They’re powered by Yahoo’s search engine.

Maybe if enough people stop using Google, they’ll notice.




Disapprove of the Google settlement? — 2 Comments

  1. Absolutely.

    Neither my husband nor I have used the Google Search engine since they started their scanning project. But, Google doesn’t know this. I think you’d need to start a movement getting a lot of people to do it AND get publicity.


  2. By the way, maybe the ASJA and the NWU, who are both opposing the Settlement, would be willing to push this movement officially. The beauty of it is, it does not require the “opt-outers” to be writers. Their friends and families can quit using Google in support.

    I use search engines extensively for my work and I find Yahoo’s to be just as good as Google’s. In some ways better. I do research and Yahoo has less of a tendency to push commercial results to the top.