Update on the Google Settlement

On Thursday, BVC founding member Ursula K. Le Guin discussed the Authors Guild and the Google Settlement. Since then a number of websites have responded. Here are quotes from a couple of the more interesting ones:

Writers’ groups lobby US Congress against Google books dealThe Guardian:

Less than a month after Ursula K Le Guin accused the Authors Guild of a “deal with the devil” over its support of Google’s plans to scan and digitise millions of books, three US writers’ groups have appealed to authors in the US Congress to speak out against the deal.

The presidents of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, the National Writers Union and the American Society of Journalists and Authors yesterday wrote to more than 60 authors in Congress urging them to protest against the Google books settlement.

Writers Ask Congressional Authors: Do You Know What Google and the Authors Guild Want to Do with Your Copyright? — PR Newswire

WASHINGTON, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The National Writers Union, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have written to their author peers in Congress, seeking their support in encouraging the Department of Justice to continue its opposition to the Google Books Settlement.

The Google Books Settlement is being negotiated between Google and several parties that sued it in 2007 for copyright infringement. Among those groups is the Authors Guild, which purports to represent the interests of all authors in the Settlement. In its letter to Congressional authors, the groups assert that their interests are not being fairly represented by the Authors Guild.

UKL’s resignation letter and discussion may be found at Le Guin on the Google Settlement. If you’re a writer and would like to respond or join her list of writers opposed to the settlement, please comment there or email UKL. If you’re a writer, be sure to let her know if she may include your name on her list of writers opposed to the settlement, and let her know your email address and website.

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