Perhaps the buffalo will return

I’m working on an anime post, but I’m at a family compound, and I’m having difficulty wrestling the DVD player away from gamers.  So — there may be a anime post later today, and it may be January first, instead.  In the meantime, Christmas has long been a time for spirits — Dickens was right in the middle of Victorian ghosts with his Christmas Carol.  Here’s something both lovely and sad to contemplate.

May you all be with people you love today, no matter what your path of the spirit.

The disappearing prairies….

The northern prairies are slowly becoming depopulated. To be honest, they should never have been farmed — not enough water, too much wind, too much drought. Each year more people leave, or die — of old age, of loneliness. The young either flee or struggle to own more land, because it takes 3000 acres of wheat to survive. North Dakota has stabilized at around 600,000 people, because the big cities have new folk on their fringes.

I’ve been to South Dakota, and can report it is wild and beautiful, but distant, not a place for people who need a lot of people. North Dakota sounds like leaving the planet.

If not the return of the buffalo (and I eat buffalo, so I could appreciate this irony) perhaps a huge wind farm will be born. I’ve heard the constant wind on the north Texas prairie, and it moans, it screams, it whispers outside your door.

I have great admiration for those who fled Europe, looking for a new life. I hope they found some joy in the Dakotas, since their descendants have continued moving, looking for Home. 


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Perhaps the buffalo will return — 2 Comments

  1. First of all Frohe Weihnachten right back ^^, but I’m getting confused with you needing a DVD player to make a manga post. Wouldn’t you only need that for anime?

  2. That’s called a Freudian slip, of a sort — I study anime for designing my manga. I was trying to re-watch Tutu. I have gotten my 19 year old nephew interested in the anime — he read the manga, but apparently they have a lot of differences.

    So — I should have really said “anime”. My bad.