I’m late, again.  But I have a really good excuse.  Because today was Cookiepalooza!

Fellow BVC author Steven Piziks and I and our intrepid programmer Erica got together to bake Christmas cookies.  I’d acquired a set of fancy cutters that let you imprint messages on the cookies, and all of us being writers, things quickly got silly.

We started with the obvious.


Then we got mercenary:

BVC cookies

After that, we just got silly:


But the best ones I don’t have pictures of.  Because the BEST ones happened because Erica had some Halloween ghost cutters mixed in with her Christmas shapes.  She promptly cut out 3 ghosts and labled them Past Present and Future.

Merry cookies to all, whatever your season or reason.




Cookiepalooza! — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, I miss making cookies! I used to do cookie swaps with serious bakers, and we had so much fun. Now that I don’t get wheat very often, all my antique recipes have been set aside, except for occasional requests. Baking Viennese now — ground nut flours!

    I love the gosts! Future needed purple food coloring and anise flavor….

  2. Today I baked raspberry-filled cookies with lemon-almond glaze, and triple chocolate macadamia cookies. And made filling for tortieres (French-Canadian pork pies). ‘Tis the season.

  3. Judy: Those all sound fantastic.

    We did 2 cookies this year: straight sugar and gingerbread. The straight sugar got chocolate dipped, the gingerbread got the frosting-and-sprinkles treatment.

    This is in addition to: pound cake houses, double-chocolate cake houses, mince tarts, Scotch shortbread, chocolate shortbread and cinnomin rolls. All now done except for the cinnomin rolls

    I had an ambitious baking schedule this year.