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John Scalzi’s blog post of November 25 was recently brought to our attention. We read with relish about his Video Game Management System and his Personal Music and Video Player. We enjoyed it but wondered who the heck really wanted to know such personal information about this man. We wondered if this was the best way to identify oneself. Are humans simply the sum of their tech? The answer we came up with was: yes, we are our tools. So we decided to follow Mr. Scalzi’s lead and start listing our own tech gear right here at the BVC blog so our friends and fans would know just who we are. We do this because we care. We know you are thirsting for knowledge of how we build what we build, be it an award-winning tome, a better mousetrap, or stoutly crocheted set of baby booties. We know you want to know, need to know, and so we introduce to you the all new BVC-exclusive Geek of the Week column. Once a week, on Wednesdays, we’ll be blogging about our personal tech gear. It’s not all going to be computer software and hardware. We are so much more than our word processing. We’ll be including specifics on our equestrian tack, macramé kits, backyard barbecue tools, and drag-racing engine calibration equipment. Whatever we’re doing geek-wise, you’ll be learning about it here.

Since I’m introducing the column, I may as well get started with my own tech. Here goes:

Geek of the Week: Sue Lange

I. Wordprocessing: iMac, OS10.4.11, Microsoft Word 2004, Open 3.0.0 , BBEdit8.0.3 (the most Applescriptable program in the world), TextEdit 1.4, Heck, I’ll even use TexShop 2.14 for LaTex compiling to write a letter to my grandmaw if I think we’ll be conversing in factorials and sigma equations.
II. Communicating: 5.8GHz Digital Radioshack Answering System® hooked to a 1950’s steel case desk set with rotary dialer QC’d in November of 1999 (i.e. a month before Y2K when everyone was digging out the analog stuff) by some tech in Dubuque with the initials D.P. (FCC reg. B4X8NY-68398-TE-R), Verizon Wireless DSL modem/router GT704WG; Skype for the long, long distance calls, Verizon unlimited domestic for the short ones; Qualcomm Eudora 6.2 for email.
III. Image manipulating: Photoshop 7 (That’s right I haven’t upgraded in at least 5 years. 7 works just fine for me, thank you very much); Graphic Converter V6.0 for anything that Photoshop 7 does not work just fine for; Mac native Preview for the quick and dirty; Illustrator CS3 if I feel ambitious enough to start something from scratch.
IV. Surfing: Safari 3.0.4 for almost everything; Firefox 3.5.3 for everything else; Internet Explorer 5.2 for laughs.
V. Movie Making: Final Cut Express 4.0 (Comes with a 1200 page user’s manual. And what exactly does Final Cut Pro have that Express doesn’t? Scary to think.); Mac native Imovie 7.1 for the quick and dirty.
VI. House Building: The entire DeWalt line; Milwaukee Sawsall.
VII. Turkey Stuffing: Wonder bread white, home grown sage, freshly ground A&P black pepper, Mediterranean sea salt, raw milk butter, organic turkey supplied by Lena the goat lady.

And that’s it for me and mine. Check back next Wednesday when Pati Nagle will be posting on historical reenactment and tools for research.

Sue Lange
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Book View Café Presents: Geek of the Week — 6 Comments

  1. Wonder bread? Does that hold up well to the moisture and cooking? I would incline towards a sturdier crumb, removing the crusts. And is it possible to ever use too much sage in turkey stuffing, i wonder.

  2. Not a huge sage fan here, either, Mad. We use Pepperidge Farm Herbed Stuffing base with Bell’s Seasoning. Lots of Bell’s Seasoning. And apples and onions and celery and an egg worked in for texture. We’re down to four generations with that one.

    Oh, and, Sue? Corel Photo Album 6 here. It’s up to at least 10 now, but 6 does all I need it to, and I don’t see the point in changing. So, yeah. Sometimes a geek can be a -retro- geek.

  3. Wonder Bread White does not hold up well under moisture and temp. That’s why I like it. It gets all mushy. I agree about the sage though. You can never have too much. If Mad and Judy want to substitute thyme, well, all I can say is, to each her own.

    Forgot the onions. Gotta have onions. Those are homegrown as well.

    Thanks for the validation on the choice of retro software for images, Judy.