The Shadow Conspiracy Goes Live!

SC coverTHE SHADOW CONSPIRACY: Tales of the Steam Age goes live today!

Book View Press released this collection of all-new, never before seen steampunk tales.

Set in a world powered by steam and magic, where FRANKENSTEIN was no mere fiction, these tales are follow the adventures of  the dreamers, experimenters, and engineers who work their mechanical and metaphysical magic both for good…and evil.

Available ready-to-read for the Kindle, Sony eReader, B&N Nook, and many cell phone apps., the collection features:

The Accumulating Man … by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

The Persistence of Souls … by Sarah Zettel

The Soul Jar … by Steven Harper

Zombi … by Pati Nagle

A Princess of Wittgenstein … by Jennifer Stevenson

The Savage and the Monster … by Nancy Jane Moore

The Water Weapon … by Brenda Clough

The Sisters of Perpetual Adoration … by Judith Tarr

Shadow Dancer … by Irene Radford






The Shadow Conspiracy Goes Live! — 8 Comments

  1. Addendum: Sherwood Smith linked to the Amazon page for your book and I clicked on it from idle interest – did you know I couldn’t have bought the Kindle version if I wanted to?

    I live in Germany and my credit card is German obviously, so they don’t offer to sell it to me via (they’ve always been quite happy to ship DVDs and print books my way, though). I don’t know if that’s an option you have to enable for, but you won’t get Europeans buying the Kindle version via this way.

  2. Alas, Estara, we have no more clout with Amazon on how and where they sell Kindle versions than you do. Which is one reason why, being an international group ourselves, we sell other versions. (The other reason being that we want to make sure the book is offered in all the e-formats available, so that anyone can buy it.)

  3. Right. I don’t have a Kindle anyway. Ah well, I’d hoped you’d just have to nudge them, I’m sure – what with it being sold in the UK and Germany now – that Kindle owners wouldn’t mind buying the anthology too.

  4. Estara, Kindle users can get Kindle-compatible copies from the BVC website. They cost the same and are more flexible. The authors make more money from sales from our website, too.


  5. Oh I didn’t realise that (I never really looked into the compatibility of formats for the Kindle when I shopped for an ebook reader as they didn’t sell them in Germany at the time and I had read up on the fact that Amazon was able to delete previously purchased content from the reader – I had to import my Sony, as well, it only was available in Germany a few months later). Thanks for clearing that up.