My Apologies, Star Wars Fans….

womanYes, I was supposed to do a blog this week on Star Wars heroines, but somehow, with the Thanksgiving holiday approaching  my schedule sprang more leaks than I had thumbs to plug them with. AND not only are we hosting Thanksgiving dinner, but we’re driving down to LA for LosCon after. Somewhere in all of this I had to fine time to actually write a Star Wars novel and pitch a new one.

Soooo, barring any difficulties getting back from LosCon, I will be back blogging next week—though I may do a convention blog.

Once again my apologies, folks.

Oh, and I would really like to hear from you about subjects YOU would like to see in my blog.

Ciao for now and have an outrageously delicious Thanksgiving holiday (at least those of you who are celebrating same.) The rest of you just have a great weekend.



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