Casting Starfarers — Update

Technology has improved a great deal from the olden days of videotape. I spoke to the director of the Starfarers trailer, Ryan K. Johnson, and he said that if I still had the tape, he could digitize it. Of course I still have the tape!

Here it is:

Keep in mind that 1995 was some years in the future when Ryan made the trailer. The first of the Starfarers quartet, Starfarers, came out in 1989.

Who should be cast in the (imaginary) production of the best tv miniseries never made?

The main characters:

J.D. Sauvage, alien contact specialist and long-distance swimmer, joining the alien contact team after a sojourn with a pod of killer whales and their genetically engineered human cousins, the divers (who live in Canada because they’re technically at war with the USA);

Victoria Fraser MacKenzie, Canadian physicist and descendent of fugitive slaves who escaped via the Underground Railroad;

Satoshi Lono, geographer, web-savvy nightowl and long-distance runner;

Stephen Thomas Gregory, geneticist, oversupplied with good looks and charm.

Victoria, Satoshi, and Stephen Thomas are members of a family partnership, trying to recover from the loss of their fourth partner.

— Vonda



Casting Starfarers — Update — 3 Comments

  1. How fun is that! I love the CBS special movie presentation lead-in.

    Perhaps it’s time for Starfarers to be an Internet-only series.