How About Ways to Trash Your Photoshop Career?

It’s not like I’m that great at Photoshop.  I do like my Wacom Tablet. Photoshop Disasters is the original – I might say the ONLY blog devoted to horrible, disastrous, or just plain insane Photoshopping.

Ever since Photoshop became easier and more sophisticated to use, it seems that some have used it as a tool for evil — or perhaps, have just been asleep at their Wacom tablets.

Here are some highlights.  After I looked a while, I realized that the reason that a lot of this continues unchecked, even with Photoshop Disasters making fun of them, is that the average person probably doesn’t notice this type of thing, and if they do, it’s just a magazine ad and doesn’t really matter.  As to me?  I’m pretty sure they aren’t requiring anatomy in art/design school any more.  They can’t be.  Evidence below.  You can call these “annotated” Photoshop Disasters.


These first ones are evidence of people who’ve never seen a real woman’s body.  I don’t think.  Or maybe these were photoshopped by Dexter, or overly-influenced by Pinocchio as a child.

Disembodied-cabbage-legsYou do realize that’s another leg, don’t you?  And that she’d be one of those 3-wheeled tricycle people if this were real.

Ireallyhave2rightfeet This is my personal favorite.  The “bonus” is the contortionist hand patting her butt.


Then there are those little quick jobs, where . . . hey, no one will notice you just photoshopped him/her . . . the hand!!  the hand!!!  There was never a person there in the first place, was there?


Photoshop Disasters didn’t really know who Spinal Tap were, because if they had, they might have realized it was within the realm of possibility (barely), that Harry Shearer’s hands might have been placed as a joke.

Yeah.  Like “Puppet Show and Spinal Tap.”


Then we have the “laziness” factor – i.e. “They’ll never notice Weird Al’s real hand there behind the giant brain hand.”

ThalidomidegirlAnd of course, I’ve been known for making fun of bad German.  This isn’t a contact lens or eye product.  It is help for thalidomide victims.  I only noticed the small “witch” house as I was adding to this special item.


This is the cover of a Brazilian women’s magazine called “Crescer.”  I don’t know what KIND of horrible photoshop to call this, but it’s something they should not be allowed to do.  I think this child has been not only photoshopped onto the mother’s back, but her mouth and eyes have been “enhanced.”

And not in a good way.

It’s like these child beauty pageant retouching services – only . . . different.  I learned about those from the Photoshop Disasters blog too.

Photoshop:  good or evil?  You decide.



How About Ways to Trash Your Photoshop Career? — 6 Comments

  1. Have you seen all the controversy over the Ralph Lauren ad in which the model’s head is bigger than her pelvis? Xeni Jardin wrote about it on BoingBoing, and it was on Photoshop Disasters, but Lauren made the latter take it down. BoingBoing persevered — they have lawyers and a good ISP — and Lauren has now admitted that it screwed up. Xeni was even on Rachel Maddow’s show, discussing it. BoingBoing recently summarized the story, and ran the picture one more time.

  2. I got the idea from the Boing Boing story, Nancy. I use Photoshop as you know, and Meredith is going to go to college for digital art. It’s an amazing art tool, and I think it hasn’t yet begun to reach its full art potential. But they are out of control with how they’re distorting actual bodies, faces and appearance.

    Children of the Corn – LOL, Mad! I didn’t include it, but the Photoshop Disasters featured these pageant photos by way of suggesting that Paula Deen was doing the same thing in her magazine covers. LOL! It’s true, she has her gray hair and “motherly” features and they are photoshopping her to look like a child pageant contestant with a gray wig.

    As to “ideas of beauty,” Steve – it’s just bizarre, because it’s coming out of people who have no connection to real life – they don’t know anatomy, they don’t know the bones of the face or how a face really works. They’re making things up as they go along that they think look “good”. I was going to say it was like primitive cultures doing artwork – but that’s totally wrong, as most early cultures emphasized things that were based in reality, and were exaggerating for spiritual or religious reasons, which was understood by all viewing the artwork. Now? Innocent people, who don’t realize the impossibility of some of these depictions that are supposed to be “real” photographs – they are confused that this is “real” and there is something wrong with everyone in real life – the opposite of the truth. Fortunately, people recognized the ludicrous distortion in the Ralph Lauren jeans model. Kind of like a Beau Brummel etching.

  3. Did you see that the model who was photoshopped to look so odd in the Lauren ad got fired because she doesn’t fit into his clothes — at 5’10” and 120 pounds, she is too big. There’s clearly a distorted idea of beauty out there, because — assuming all the photos haven’t been completely photoshopped — she’s is a very attractive woman with a stunning face. But her pelvis is bigger than her head, as it should be!

  4. Yes – she was just on the Channel 11 news, which means that everyone has seen it. I truly don’t understand how anyone could think that image looked “good.” Many other images aren’t so grossly distorted, but they still convince young girls that this is the way to look and be.