BVC Forms Book View Press

books and pen graphicAs part of their ongoing mission to deliver the best fiction online direct to the readers, the authors of Book View Cafe are delighted to announce the formation of Book View Press.

Book View Press will make new and original ebooks from BVC’s member authors.  The ebooks will be formatted for the Kindle, the Sony eReader, cell phones and other ebook readers.

The first title, ROCKET BOY AND THE GEEK GIRLS is a new anthology of classic and favorite science fiction stories.  These rare and hard-to-find stories, never before gathered into a single collection include three pieces of never-before-seen flash fiction.

The second Book View Press release is even more ambitious.  Scheduled for release on December 15, THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY is an original steampunk anthology.  Based on the idea that “Frankenstein” was much more than a novel, and that Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage were much more than dreamers ahead of their time, this collection tells the tales on the dreamers, experimenters and engineers who work their mechanical and metaphysical magic both for good…and evil.  You can read an exclusive preview here .



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