Uncategorized Launched

tinycover It’s actually been out at BVC a couple of weeks now, but we finally put it where it needs to be: on my bookshelf. This collection, entitled “Uncategorized,” includes my previously published short stories plus a couple of extras. The most notable extra being the audio story, “The Timestoppers.” The collection is available in multiple formats here and in the Kindle version at Amazon. Most of the formats here will link to the sound file, but the version available at Kindle does not have a direct link because Kindles can’t play sound files. There you get a URL that you can put into your browser window to play the file.

Here’s what the publicist has to say about the book.

“Sue Lange again engages the mind as she entertains the senses thru “Uncategorized,” a collection of randomly genius short stories.

Re-defining the aspect of “Theater of the Mind,” progressive sci-fi author Sue Lange takes advantage of new multi-media tools technology affords the modern reader. In Uncategorized (BookViewCafe.com; 2009), her latest book, the short story meets old-time radio buckled up in a time machine and blasted into the future.

In this thought-provoking collection, Lange grabs the reader with an “audio download” and segues into her eclectic set of short stories with the aggressive delivery of a beat poet and the timing of a stand-up comedian.”

…and so on in typical press release hyperbole.

The purchase price for “Uncategorized” is $1.99. I urge you to download your subscription today while supplies last: http://www.bookviewcafe.com/index.php/Sue-Lange/


Sue Lange



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