WisCon Chronicles 4 – All Capped Out

WisConChron2-cvr-lr-smallIt’s just past the end of September, which was the date I sanguinely set for having all the submissions for  WisCon Chronicles 4 not only in, but past the first round of editorial revision – and mirabile dictu! (my favourite surviving Latin shorthand, meaning, amazing to say!) Not only are the subs IN, but they have all been sent off to Aqueduct!

Kudos to the contributors who responded so willingly and often found time in over-crowded schedules to actually get a submission together, and then answer the querulous editorial requests for this to be altered, that shifted, and, Did we realllly mean to spell that word that way…?  And who  sent the amended versions back to me in time to make the first-set deadline.

You are amazing!

And more amazing, Timmi at Aqueduct set the absolute ceiling for this volume at 70K words, and we are at present guestimating, given that one panel transcript is going to be slimmed down more than somewhat, that with bios and even intro counted, we should top somewhere about 72,000 words.

Are we efficient or what?

Now WisCon Chronicles 4 is almost off on its next stage, to the tender mercies of the typesetter (only kidding, Kath!).

In between, your editor will move on to the next juicy, um, interesting part, actually sorting out the ToC.  This is comparable to putting together your playlist on IPod – mmmn, I really like this one here, but then, otoh, it goes so nicely next to that one  – but since all of them are on the Good List, it’s the kind of problem we all like to have.

I should be back toward the end of this month with a progress report on what may be going where, etc. etc. In the meantime, here’s some of My Stuff  elsewhere on Bookview Cafe.



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