Writers’ Site of the Week: Polka Dot Banner

There are ten million writers’ sites on the ‘net. Well maybe not that many. Whatever. I found one more for you to go and sign up at: Polka Dot Banner. Like many writers’ sites, Polka Dot Banner lets add you your profile and photo and list your published work and a link to your own site. Nothing new there, but what’s interesting about Polka Dot (besides the name which makes me wonder if there’s a connection between the site and the local carpenters’ union) is that every Wednesday, the site has a guest blogger who posts on some little corner of the publishing world. (I blogged there on behalf of BookViewCafe a few weeks ago on the subject of Steampunk).

What prompts me to give Polka Dot Site a mention is that the week before last the guest was A. Colin Wright, a literary author.

I had no idea there was such a thing anymore. I thought literary writing was a dead art form. Imagine my surprise. I’m being facetious of course, but surrounding myself as I do with all things genre, I forget that great literature is still being written. I’m glad to see the literary writers are out there hawking themselves the same way we here in the ghettoes of spec fic hawk ourselves. I revel in the elevated company we’re all keeping.

At any rate, Polka Dot gets my vote for including guest bloggers, publishing industry information, and rarefied guests to keep us all honest.

Cheers to Polka Dot Banner.

Sue Lange
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