Visit to the Temple of Steam

IMG_0186For those of you who don’t know, I’m married to a Rocket Scientist.

Seriously.  He’s an areospace engineer and works on advanced propuslsion for the University of Michigan among others.

Aside from the magnificent symbiosis of being a science fiction author married to a rocket scientist, it means I occasionally get to go to cool dinners in cool places.  This was how I got to go to Florence.

Thursday night was  not quite Florence, but it was quite cool.  A major conference dinner for the IEPC was hosted at The Henry Ford.

When I was growing up, this was The Henry Ford Museum of Technology.  And as my dad was a Ford employee, we got discount tickets, and I went there a lot.   And among my favorite exhibits were the Great Big Steam Engines.

Like this one:


I hadn’t realized the dinner would be taking place right in the middle of the main exhibit hall.  Or that the exhibits would be open.  Or that we’d be able to wander about and for the first time in years I’d be able to see the originals of the Age of Steam.

Like this one:


(you should note that the guy in the photo is over 6 ft. tall).

It is a testament to how enthralled I still am by these machines that it took me a half hour to remember that I had a camera with me.

There will be more of these.


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