Canine Heroes? Or Villains . . . or Victims?

Like everybody else, I saw the “Why Dogs Hate Halloween” internet meme . . . several times!  My best friend Cathy was really impressed by the spider dog (I use the term “impressed” loosely).  As an animal lover (Cathy is too), it’s hard to say whether or not the tradition of dressing one’s dog in a Halloween costume is extreme cruelty, or just a ridiculous idea.

Spider dog I actually found the original photographer – it’s true, I have seen this picture myself dozens of times and seen it used as an avatar or to tell a joke.  CA from Colorado took the picture in 2005.  Look for thousands of other great pictures she has taken on Flickr.

However, I can’t find the original “owners” of the following amazing canine superheroes – or are they villains?


Count Dogula, and his “bride”.  Groom.  Er.  They’re both chihuahuas.


Dog rambo

Rambo the Terrier.

Dog vader

Dog Vader.  (Another pug!  Boy do they get the bulk of the costume action!).

Long dog silver

Long Dog Silver . . .

Look at their little faces!

And doggone it – he’s gone bananas (pumpkin – Halloween, get it)?

Doggone bananas

From what I can see, pugs are the most likely dog to be dressed up for Halloween, with chihuahuas running a close second.

Is this practice just silly, or is it cruel?

This animal trainer indicates it’s only cruel if the intention is to harm, bully or coerce the animal – but she admits – she has no idea what the animals are thinking (she has a few costumes and outfits for her chihuahua).  Most of these PetCo pet owners don’t seem to think it’s cruel.  These guys?  Most think it’s okay too, with a few vehement opponents.


This mom seems to have spread the fun – or pain? – around quite a bit.

But then . . .

Baby hot dog Sometimes . . . Words just fail.



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  1. It is a truth univerally acknowledged, that there is nothing cuter than a tiny baby in Halloween costume — a green pea pod, let us say, or a daisy, or (oh, terminal cute!) a tiny Superbaby onesie. Such photographs can supply decades of happiness, embarrass the heck out of teenagers, and even (if the subject should be nominated to high national office in forty years time) lucrative tabloid income for parents.
    If we allow the togging-up of helpless infants in cute costumes, to get the family dog into an outfit is not a very far stretch. At least the dog will not understand what the image of itself means, and will never be on the cover of NEWSWEEK dressed like Jabba the Hutt.

    Brenda (carefully saving photos of Diana, age 2, as Snow White, anticipating her Senate confirmation hearing)