Batman: The Widening Gyre: A Very Short Review

This issue is emblematic of the schizoid quality of comics these days.  Over in the main titles, they have lost Bruce Wayne.  Dick Grayson has now taken up the mantle.  Fine.

GyreSo then why run around with so many stories in which Bruce is still wearing the cape?  This mini seems, at this first issue, to actually be quite well done and interesting.  Although I am going to compile a list of overdone tropes in comics, and one of them will be Satanism.  Another popular title that is stuck in the time warp is the popular Superman/Batman.

However, it would be so much better if DC could contrive to be consistent.  Could the failure be due merely to inefficiency? (“We paid Kevin Smith a fortune for this mini script and by heaven we are gonig to use it!”)  Or is it a desire to both have the cake and eat it too, so that if Dick Grayson tanks as Batman there will still be titles for Bruce fans?  It is in fact great to go back to the classic configuration and see the old Batman again.  But we’re never going to be able to make the break unless DC makes it too.


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Batman: The Widening Gyre: A Very Short Review — 3 Comments

  1. Well, there’s no chance what-so-ever that Dick’s going to remain Batman forever, or even for very long. Bruce will be back. Given that inevitable truth (and in comicdom it is indeed inevitable) there’s hardly any point in really trying to make the readers break with the old. Most of the purpose of having Dick assume the mantle is that it allows a Mega Event of BRUCE RETURNS!!!!! sometime down the road.

    I said cynically. 🙂

  2. Well, but it is important that they give Dick a good run. It cannot be merely placeholders and wheel-spinning; they have to give the readers value for their money. (Whether it was smart to meet a hit movie by immediately losing the Batman everybody knows and loves is an entirely separate question.)
    I can tell you exactly when Bruce Wayne will return as Batman. It will be when the next Batman movie comes out.

  3. Brenda (and everybody else), I just posted on “Comics vs. Novel” at my blog ( I would love to hear everybody’s thoughts. I’ve already heard from a couple comic book/novelists, and I’d love to hear from more people!

    And thanks for the comics reviews! They’re great!